We helped Pointo advance its digital transformation without the cost and risk of third-party contractors. 

Pointo utilized TeamEpic to embed next-generation technologies for cost-effective and low-risk augmentation of their teams and capabilities.


Operating in the highly competitive industry of electronic vehicles, Pointo needed to build a data and technology function capable of delivering business-critical insight to stay ahead of the curve. 

In the age of accelerated digital transformation, they required a rapid, cost-effective and low-risk solution to quickly inject skills into their growing teams whilst ensuring their long-term talent strategy was futureproof.

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Pointo engaged with TeamEpic's first-ever cohort of Data Scientists and has continued to revolutionize its digital and analytics capabilities, creating optimized processes and unlocking cutting-edge insight to outstrip the competition.

As they increased investment, TeamEpic were able to match the scaling of resources, utilizing consultants from across data and AI to handle all aspects of their transformation.


Pointo has onboarded 3 TeamEpic consultants to deliver results and provide data-driven insights. Our smart and driven consultants worked in a wide variety of areas, implementing and fixing fundamental IT solutions across their organization.