How does our model work?

We offer you flexible ways to hire Indian tech talent, and we make this talent pipeline viable without you having to take years to build the necessary in-house scale, expertise, and experience.

Identify Talent

We source and hire Indian engineers as full-time team members of TeamEpic.


At our 6-week training program, our team members gain foundational data skills as well as experience in real-world projects across multiple disciplines. They are all trained to a superior standard.


We work with client-partner organisations around the world to gain insight into their talent needs.


Client-partners interview and shortlist our specialists, for a one-time adjustable fee of $500 per specialist.

Presentation Skills

Our team members engage in a 2-week custom training program, immersing them in varied case studies and activities that have been tailored to match the needs of our client-partner and their industry. This regimen includes practices related to both hard and soft skills, administered by experienced Data Science, AI & GPT professionals.


TeamEpic provides unique onboarding of our team members into client-partner teams by offering a 30-day no-risk free trial with continued training and mentoring to bridge any potential skills gap.

Client Meeting Preparation

Client-partners can then choose between monthly/yearly contracts, or direct hires, to deploy the right-fit specialists.

Unleash Your Company's Full Potential with TeamEpic 

Bespoke Upskilling and Talent Development Solutions

  TeamEpics Logo copy-1 Recruiting Agency Training Provider
Technical Assessment TICK TICK CROSS
Case Study Based Assessment TICK CROSS CROSS
Peer-led Group Project Assessment TICK CROSS CROSS
Personality Assessment TICK CROSS CROSS
Panel Interview TICK CROSS CROSS
Bespoke training TICK CROSS TICK
Real-world Projects  TICK CROSS TICK
Developed and led by expert mentors TICK CROSS CROSS
Design Thinking Workshops TICK CROSS TICK
Soft Skills Training TICK CROSS TICK
Post-deployment training support  TICK CROSS CROSS