We rigorously screen the applicants before onboarding them into our 17-week program 

Our Hiring Process

What We Look For In Our Engineers

At TeamEpic, we nurture the future drivers of technological advancement, valuing innovation, collaboration, and potential.

Foundation in Data Science and AI Technologies

We prioritize candidates with a fundamental understanding of data science and AI, ready to be shaped into the tech leaders of tomorrow.

Innovative Problem Solvers

Our ideal candidates are those who approach complex problems with creativity, innovation and effective solutions, turning challenges into opportunities.

Embracing Change with Enthusiasm

We value adaptability and eagerness to learn, essential traits for embracing new technologies and methodologies in our dynamic industry. 

Collaborating for Collective Success

We value individuals who can work in a collaborative manner and contribute positively to the team's goals and fostering a spirit of unity.

Career Progression

Chart Your Path in Data Science and AI Engineering

Over the initial 6 months, you'll undergo intensive training, honing skills essential for client projects and your professional journey.

Following this foundational phase, you'll seamlessly transition into active project participation, showcasing your skills and leadership potential.

Beyond this milestone, you'll progress in your career as a Data Science & AI Engineer, taking on complex challenges within dynamic teams. 

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Nurturing Next-Gen AI & Data Science Talent

TICKHands-on Real-World Experience

TICKComprehensive Skill Development

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Nuturing Next Gen AI and Talents