Nurturing the Next-Gen of Data, AI & GPT Leaders

TeamEpic is an innovative HTD (Hire, Train, Deploy) business devoted to developing world-class Data Science & AI talent in India. We specialize in bespoke training for engineers, enabling them to meet the demands of global-remote companies in the areas of Data Science, AI, and GPT. 

Industry Insight

The Data Science & AI sector is facing a huge gap between demand and supply of skilled workers, with job openings far surpassing the available talent pool. This lack has contributed to a highly competitive job market, making it difficult for companies to attract and retain top data talent.

TeamEpic is committed to filling the talent gap by helping companies work with the most exceptional Indian engineers who have been hired and trained through our comprehensive and proprietary talent acquisition and development programs. Through these programs, we are able to maintain a ready supply of talent and experience necessary to keep on advancing data tech innovation and resolving complex issues for our Data Science, AI, and GPT client-partners.

What do we do?

At TeamEpic, we hire outstanding Indian tech engineers and provide them with extensive real-world training to enhance their skills and expertise. Once equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience, we seamlessly deploy them into global-remote client teams, ensuring smooth collaboration and optimized performance. TeamEpic is an excellent way for companies to tap into India, the leader in tech talent. Our services enable client-partners to benefit from this on-demand data talent pipeline, without dedicating years of resources towards assembling the expertise and know-how needed for doing so in-house.

Our Mission

Our mission seeks to create a powerful, capable workforce that can compete on a global level, and we aim to assist our client partners and engineers in achieving their objectives through our talent services. 

Our Approach

An experiential, holistic and practical based approach that would help tech talent connect their university learning with practice at any workplace

Industry-level group projects are designed to enable the talent to see problems from different perspectives and solve them with their diverse skill set.  
Our experts connect with the consultant regularly to identify gaps and give them feedback on their performance after every project to help them improve.
Along with technical skills we focus on enhancing our talents' interpersonal skills such as communication, collaboration, adaptability  
Our consultants receive on-the-job training which allows them to learn new skills and stay updated with trends.

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